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If you or someone you care about frequently used AFFF firefighting foam—whether in professional settings or during personal activities—you might be entitled to significant compensation.

Recent court rulings have linked the compounds found in AFFF, particularly PFAS chemicals, to severe health concerns. It’s essential to know your rights and seek justice.

Major Settlement Reached: AFFF Claims Result in $10.3 Billion Agreement

In October 2023, numerous water contamination complaints related to AFFF, lodged by local water boards and city administrations, culminating in a comprehensive resolution agreement. Companies like 3M and DuPont, among other involved parties, are said to be compensating a sum of $10.3 billion in alignment with this settlement arrangement.

Various Illnesses Linked to AFFF

Widespread use of products containing PFAS, like AFFF and non-stick cookware, has resulted in most Americans having detectable levels of these compounds in their blood. Prolonged exposure to PFAS is linked to numerous cancers and health issues, including fertility problems, high blood pressure, and developmental changes. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs also recognizes other health risks from AFFF exposure but only provides compensation for accompanying cancer diagnoses.

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